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1. Growth

Scale-ups are characterized by having clear plans for growth, being innovative and achieving higher productivity than their peers. One of the ways to accelerate growth is by raising (venture) capital with external investors.

2. Venture Capitalists

Different types of investors are willing to invest capital in young companies in which there is a substantial element of risk. The most common ones are business angels, VCs (funds) and corporates.

3. Preparation

Being prepared for a financing round is crucial and will increase your chances for a smooth process, with a good valuation and good legal terms. Something that is often underestimated by founders, is that next to the valuation discussion, there is a second discussion on the legal terms. Some of those terms can have an economic impact. Note that an investor will try to protect his investment and a way of doing so is by introducing certain legal terms. This is of course fine as long as it remains a balanced story.

4. Guidance

At Mace we prepare you for these investment rounds. We guide you through the legal concepts, provide for alternative solutions or deal structures, elaborate on positions/market practices, and make you aware for pitfalls. We consider to be your legal sidekick in the process.

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