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Founders Bible Part II

"How not to suck at fundraising negotiations"

This book is the second installment of our founders' bible (with more to come), focusing on fundraising and offering accessible explanations of key principles such as "valuation", "ESOP", "liquidation preference", "anti-dilution", etc. Big words, but more importantly, crucial terms that will most likely pop up in your fundraising Term Sheet.

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Where do I buy one?

You don’t. We're giving this book away for free. It's our way of spreading legal love and aiding founders in navigating the fundraising maze effortlessly. (Thanks to the Half-Blood Prince, Tom Riddle, for the idea of creating a sharing book, so that young entrepreneurs can learn from the notes left by previous founders. However, there is a good chance it will end up as a typical high school textbook, with silly notes and scribbles. We know that, but we're happy to take the risk). ​Unlike many others, we exclusively represent founders, believing they are often underrepresented and disadvantaged by the information asymmetry prevalent in the investment landscape.

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