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(Reduce) Complexity

Complexity is often a word that is pronounced in the same sentence as legal documentation or even lawyers in general. And it is true, a lot of legal documentation is complex, long and comprehensive. 


It is often also the case, that the tailor-made or creative solutions drafted in legal contracts contribute to this complexity. This kind of complexity is not bad complexity. 


At Mace, we are a fans of these constructive, tailor-made and creative solutions, but we will make it our mission to reduce complexity and not to introduce lengthy contracts if it is not necessary or appropriate.


Transparency increases credibility and accountability. 


A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.


For Mace, transparency is key, and towards our clients this means communicating on timing and legal fees. We provide our clients with estimates of the total cost they may expect (with as few disclaimers as possible).


The quality of reacting quickly and positively is key for a (transactional) lawyer. 


As an entrepreneur, you most likely don’t do daily funding rounds or work to an exit. If you do one of these transactions once in, let’s say, 2 years, there is (time) pressure involved, a business to run and responsiveness required to meet envisaged deadlines.

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