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Do you fear dilution?

Dilution is always an issue for any business owner, and with today's valuations, the fear is real.

Is your fear justified?
And what are your options besides equity?

Find out November 3rd 2022 at 16:00/4 pm.

Topics of the livestream
- What role does debt play when equity is not attractive?
- Why does founder dilution matter?
- What are the typical conditions for a debt round?
- Why being a strong negotiator is important?
- Valuation is important, find out why.
- What controls are put in place and how do they differ from an equity round?
- Mixed rounds, What to expect.


Meet the speakers

Ben Tresham


Ben is a scale-up expert. He joined his previous company as employee number 6 and left when they were hiring their 50th employee. He has held senior positions at The Body Shop as well as advisory positions for companies like SKODA, Arriva and Aston Martin.  


Benjamin has seen first-hand the journey a company goes through when scaling, from organisational structure through to successfully leading a VC DD process. 

Ruben started his career at EY where he focused on private investment transactions, private M&A and general and commercial law matters. 


From there, Ruben’s grew a deep interest in early staged funding. In collaboration with investment managers of VCs, founders and other experts, he began organizing multiple workshops and bootcamps in order to educate founders on investment terminology and best practices.


After 6 years of experience and a growing affinity for the founders’ perspective, he decided to start his own law firm with a vision of guiding founders through the legal side of their journey. This goes from the co-founder alignment, to fundraising, to stock-option implementation, to an exit and everything in between.

Ruben Schoenmaekers

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