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1. Reward of hard work

Once upon a time, your company was a start-up, and now it's not anymore. It got bigger, it went international, and it became a home for employees and clients. After all those years of hard work, facing obstacles and persevering, one or more parties are interested in acquiring your company.

2. M&

At this stage we leave the VC landscape and enter into the landscape of M&A. The process, documentation, and negotiation of a sale of a company is different opposed to an investment round. An exit is often the “final negotiation” with a potential buyer.

3. Preparation

Being prepared for an exit is as crucial as it the case with a fundraising round and will increase your chances for a smooth and successful process. A (more) intense due diligence should be expected. The good thing is that by now you will already be more familiar with certain legal concepts due to the experience you have gained in previous transactions.

4. Guidance

At Mace we prepare you for an exit. We assist you in populating your data room and explain you concepts as data room disclosure, help you answer questions in the framework of a due diligence Q&A process, provide for alternative solutions or deal structures, elaborate on positions/market practices, and make you aware for pitfalls and risks. We consider to be your legal sidekick in the process.

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