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1. Why?

Co-founder alignment might be one of the most fundamental building blocks of a start-up company. Being fully aligned as co-founders from the beginning will not only make you a better/efficient team and increase your credibility towards the outside world, but in a lot of ways it should also give piece of mind.

3. Good agreements make good friends

The workshop is a part of the intellectual exercise behind a founders'/shareholders' agreement, including good, bad and early leaver arrangements (with vesting and call options). The workshop deals with the why. The founder’s/shareholder’s agreement makes it a binding agreement.

2. Workshop

At Mace we have therefore developed a workshop on co-founder alignment. It is an interactive expert session where we zoom in on your start-up, the co-founders, the ambition, the funding and/or exit horizon (and on some other cool and less cool stuff).     

The session works around certain basic but fundamental questions, such as:

- Which founder shall have which role in the company?

- How shall certain decisions be taken?

- What is everybody's commitment in terms of time and/or financial investments?

- What happens if the agreed time commitment is not delivered?

- What happens if for a good or bad reason one of the founders leaves the company (but still has a substantial part of the equity = "the freerider-problem")

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